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Knowledge is power. Understand the food you are eating with our labels :


Raw Food

Raw food has not been cooked or exposed to temperatures over 42°C to maintain the beneficial living enzymes and nutrients that can be destroyed by cooking or heating.



Products that are labeled Vegan contain no animal products or byproducts. It is suitable for anyone who leads a compassionate lifestyle.


Gluten Free

These foods are free of gluten and suitable to people who suffers from gluten related sensitivities.


Wild Harvest

Wild harvested products are harvested from the wild in their natural habitat.



Non-GMO products are verified to be free from genetically altered or modified ingredient.



Irradiation destroys bacteria but also vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients in the food. They also potentially creates carcinogens and introduces radioactivity.


No Additives and Preservatives

They are added for colour, flavour, aroma, nutrition, texture and shelf life. While some are considered safe, many are linked to serious health problems. The list is so long that it is best to avoid them altogether.


No Added Sugar

Added sugars contain heaps of calories with no essential nutrients. Over consumption can lead to fatty liver disease, diabetes, obesity and heart problems.

About VIVE

Vive, is derived from the Spanish word for vitality, and we celebrate vitality by bringing nature's best in it's natural form to you. We believe a healthy life is everybody's right and aim to deliver best quality at best value.

Dump the junk food and processed supplements and celebrate VIVE today!


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